Thursday, October 31, 2013

The best programming language in the world is...

The best programming language in the world is...

Thought that might grab your attention ... ;)

So what is the best programming language in the world, .Net, PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. ?

How can you even rate programming languages against each other? Should you look at popularity, speed of development, flexibility for extension?

It's a tricky area that's for sure. Over the years we've seen many amusing and not so amusing forum discussions on the topic. Developers getting very irate, flaming each other with hot-headed views on the topic.

At CI we take a very different stance on the subject

Our thoughts are there is no single best programming language in world. But there is a best programming language for you.

Even if you as a developer understand many different languages you will have a particular language which you are the most productive with for a given task. This is the best programming language for you.

Think of any trades-person... they often need to drill holes and they generally use an electric drill. Some use Bosch drills, others use Makita drills. The trades-person will use the drill they can work most quickly and effectively with. It's no different to programming languages.

Of course there are some specialised areas where a particular language must be used (iOS for native Apple apps for example) but in general programming terms we should use the most effective tool for the job from a programmers perspective, the one you or your software company is the most proficient at.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Innovation over invention...

Innovation over invention...

Some of the CI staff recently attended a digital conference with three interesting speakers from Facebook, NBN and WPP.

It was an interesting event but one of the key quotes of the day really struck home with us. The speaker from WPP discussed how hard it is to invent something completely new and that we should be:

innovating instead of trying to invent

This may sound like a strange comment but he went on to give the perfect example:

three of the biggest tech companies (Google, Facebook, Apple) didn't invent the technology they've become so famous for, they innovated.

Google were not first to market with a search engine. Facebook came along years after many other social networking portals. Even Apple, arguably the largest technology company in the world did not invent the mp3 player.

These giants of technology did not invent, however they did innovate, creating something so disruptive in each of their respective markets, that they became the dominant player.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghost - just a blogging platform

Ghost - just a blogging platform

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an open source blogging platform. It has been specifically designed with simplicity in mind and cross-device compatibility not only for your blog posts but also for the administration portal

Yes you can edit your blog right from your desktop, tablet or mobile - when you're on the run, the bus or even in the loo (not always recommended ;).


Ghost can have any theme applied to the general template layout using a markup related technology called Handlebars.

Why Ghost

Well honestly just because it is so simple and easy to use, it makes creating these posts a pleasure.

If you'd like to know more about Ghost click here or we can also help, visit us at