Thursday, October 31, 2013

The best programming language in the world is...

The best programming language in the world is...

Thought that might grab your attention ... ;)

So what is the best programming language in the world, .Net, PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. ?

How can you even rate programming languages against each other? Should you look at popularity, speed of development, flexibility for extension?

It's a tricky area that's for sure. Over the years we've seen many amusing and not so amusing forum discussions on the topic. Developers getting very irate, flaming each other with hot-headed views on the topic.

At CI we take a very different stance on the subject

Our thoughts are there is no single best programming language in world. But there is a best programming language for you.

Even if you as a developer understand many different languages you will have a particular language which you are the most productive with for a given task. This is the best programming language for you.

Think of any trades-person... they often need to drill holes and they generally use an electric drill. Some use Bosch drills, others use Makita drills. The trades-person will use the drill they can work most quickly and effectively with. It's no different to programming languages.

Of course there are some specialised areas where a particular language must be used (iOS for native Apple apps for example) but in general programming terms we should use the most effective tool for the job from a programmers perspective, the one you or your software company is the most proficient at.


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