Friday, February 14, 2014

New Castlereagh Club Website Goes Live!

New Castlereagh Club Website Goes Live!

There's no doubt that technology influences our daily lives in ways that we no longer even fathom, and when you actually step back and take a look at it, the mass connectivity of the world is incredibly impressive. According to mobile statistics compiled by, more than half of adult Americans are smartphone owners, and 75 percent of those bring their phones with them to the bathroom. Of course, just having a website doesn’t ensure that you’ll get traffic, and even the greatest idea or product is going to fail abysmally if it doesn’t present potential customers with any kind of visual appeal.

Marketing executives at the Castlereagh Club in Sydney understand the importance of visual appeal in the consumer experience and called up the experts at Corporate Interactive to ramp up their website and attract more customers. Corporate Interactive specialises in e-commerce, software integration, web development and even app development. We are a leading application software development company, and we provide our customers with mobile solutions for their own customers, as well as custom software application development.

Responsive Design and Cutting-Edge Functionality Can Help Any Business Succeed

The design experts at Corporate Interactive specialise in web development for high profile clients, including HTC, Bosch and American Express. Don’t let that intimidate you, though, because we’re excited to work with you and your company, no matter the size, and establish and implement the virtual experience your customers want. The Castlereagh Club, one of our more recent clients, wanted a more appealing responsive design that was both functional and beautiful.

The Club’s main goal in revamping their website was to implement a more interactive online form that encouraged membership renewal. Corporate Interactive incorporated a pixel perfect design, which is responsive to users accessing the site on any mobile device, and streamlined the company’s entire virtual system by making online payment management easier than ever, as well as including an events calendar that’s invaluable to customers.

The connectivity of today’s modern world has led consumers to expect instant access to their favorite businesses and products, and Corporate Interactive ensures your company lives up to those expectations; members are singing up for The Castlereagh Club on a daily basis now, thanks to the new website interface.

With the Ever-Increasing Use of Devices, Compatibility Is Crucial

According to Digby, there were more mobile devices on Earth at the end of 2013 than there were people, which indicates just how crucial mobile connectivity and compatibility across all devices are. A beautifully designed website is utterly pointless if it doesn’t translate well to a handheld screen. Corporate Interactive tackles the logistics of web design, e-commerce and even viral marketing for you, so your business can focus on what it does best.

To give your business a virtual boost—which will translate to a fiscal one! — contact Corporate Interactive today by calling 1 300 662 553 or emailing [email protected].

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Corporate Interactive and Telstra

Corporate Interactive and Telstra

The Corporate Interactive team excitedly announce the Proposal Builder for Telstra, Australia's largest communications company, has been given the go-ahead.

The objective of the project is to provide a Software Application that will assist and support Channel Sales team members by providing a standard method of creating, maintaining and tracking high quality proposals for customers across both Telstra branded and non-branded partners.

The Benefits of the Proposal Builder App:
  • Allows business proposals to be created following a consistent layout
  • Intuitive and easy to use reducing errors and increasing efficiency
  • Accuracy - all pricing and details are up-to-date and centrally managed
  • Tracking - each proposal that is sent, opened, approved, expired is tracked and team members are updated via PUSH notifications in the app
  • Speeds up proposal production
  • Provides consistency across all sales channels for Telstra branded and non-branded partners
  • The content pool is controlled by the Telstra business team.
The Proposal Builder application will operate across the popular mobile operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows - and is accessible via both fixed and remote devices to allow full access regardless of time or location. As part of the requirement of 'on the move' access, the proposal builder app will be usable on tablets, PCs and laptops with a cut down version specifically designed for smart-phone devices.

In line with the strict adherence of Telstra's protection of their customers information, the application offers 100% security of customer details and a comprehensive archive facility.

The application will provide, but not be limited to:

  • Proposal template creation, maintenance and sharing
  • Proposal preparation
  • Attachment of files to proposals
  • Email delivery of proposal to customers
  • Proposal tracking and alerts
  • E-signature on proposals
  • Content library
  • Complex custom pricing models
  • Dashboard view of proposals sent, accepted, declined
  • Proposal sharing, versioning, audit trail
  • Multiple levels of access
  • Reporting

Corporate Interactive welcomed this opportunity to build a great partnership and working relationship with Telstra and help them to fulfil their aim of 'helping our customers work more productively in the present, as well as preparing them for a smarter business future'. By providing an intuitive and easy to use application, the proposal process will become more efficient and effective for Telstra and their customers across the Asia Pacific region.

The solution Telstra desired was a perfect match for Corporate Interactive's technologies, skills and project methodology, using Agile to benefit the client in producing weekly sprint releases. It has also been a great opportunity for the team to once again, showcase our ability to tackle and deliver highly-engineered technical solutions.

If you would like to know more about this project or you require a similar application or project solution, please contact Andrew Davidson on 1300 662 553 or see our contact page.