Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Google eCommerce insights help retailers understand consumers better

New Google eCommerce insights help retailers understand consumers better

Which landing pages entice an online shopper? Why do some browsers add a product to a cart and never complete a purchase? What impact does an internal promotion have on e-sales?

With the latest release of functionality from Google Analytics, all these questions can now be answered. Online retailers can better track an online user's behavior and important conversion metrics. It provides powerful insights into how consumers shop online and why they abandon a purchase in the shopping process.

Google analytics, user behavior, tracking

Boost your shopping analytics

At Corporate Interactive, we're excited about this new Google feature. We've always prided ourselves on being agile and quick to respond to progressive technologies. From an ecommerce perspective, Enhanced Ecommerce has much to offer online retailers, advertisers and other brands emerging in this rapidly growing market.

Powerful data means our software integration solutions can drill deeper into pre-purchase shopping behavior and unpack product performance.

Google Analytics has neatly closed the information loop, covering the entire shopping lifecycle.

What can it do?

  • Show you how far shoppers get in the shopping funnel—and where they drop out.
  • Most viewed products, as well as your highest conversion rates.
  • Explain how and why shoppers interact with certain products and services.
  • Optimize a website by creating an engagement-rich consumer environment.
  • Show how internal promotions influence sales.

Bottom line

With better reporting, data integration and this type of analytics enhancement, Corporate Interactive can deliver better software solutions for our online retail clients. With retailers reporting an average conversion rate of about 2.7%, even small improvements can have significant results.

As Google stated in its media reports, Enhanced Ecommerce was launched to stay abreast of the phenomenal rise of online retail—in fact, according to the same report, ecommerce grew 30% year-on-year in 2013.

To find out how we can help you improve your sales and marketing strategies with insightful analytics and seamless software integration, Contact Us or call 1-300-662-553 today.

Google analytics, user behavior, tracking


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