Thursday, June 12, 2014

Software, consistently more reliable than spreadsheets

Software, consistently more reliable than spreadsheets

Too often business owners, researchers and authors rely on spreadsheets for collecting and analyzing data, when software applications are proven to be a better option in ensuring the consistency of the process.

While spreadsheets are useful for basic calculations and other quick numerical analysis, as a primary business or research tool it is prone to error. At Corporate Interactive, we believe that these spreadsheets must be converted to software apps to reap the benefits of collected data. By not using a software solution, you will affect the accuracy of your analysis.

Business essential

A spreadsheet can incur transcription errors from its original sources or deliver an incorrect formula. In short, it is an unstable option in analytical work.

Three reasons software trumps spreadsheets

Software applications allow for testing, while spreadsheets do not have this option.
Software applications facilitate code review, while spreadsheets make this process difficult.
Software applications allow a framework for inputting data, while spreadsheets allow for a copy-and-paste approach.
When you have invested enormous effort into compiling a dataset, it is important to spend equal effort into reviewing, testing and documenting your analysis. A well-written and tested software program or application will allow you to do this.

The best technique

Over the years, we’ve developed software solutions for our many clients, with the right tools and best techniques for collecting, analyzing and reporting credible data.

Of course, a spreadsheet has its place in the business world. However, when you’re dealing with complex, or large amounts of data, a software solution makes the process more accurate, consistent and reliable.

This means that you can make better decisions based on results you can trust.

To find a software solution that can help you in your company analysis or economic research, Contact Us or call 1-300-662-553 for professional advice.


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