Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CI delivers B2B portal

Corporate Interactive delivers for martial arts products B2B

Corporate Interactive showed its superb software development capabilities recently, with a fully responsive website for Sports Masters Athletics International. SMAI is a supplier of over 2000 top martial arts and other fitness products, that are shipped to businesses and clubs across the globe.

At Corporate Interactive, we've never backed down from a challenge. The massive SMAI project wasn't without a lot of effort, its proved to be our biggest commercial success with a business-to-business site.

Starting out, we knew that SMAI was never going to be your standard e-commerce site. Firstly, it can only be accessed by registered account users. Moreover, it runs a fairly complex checkout system for the account users, which determines how a product can be delivered to fitness organizations in Australia, Asia and the rest of the world.

At Corporate Interactive, we make it our aim to turn the complex into the seamless. Since 2001, we've been delivering software solutions and strategies, creating real and measurable results, for our clients. Our first call of action was to gain insights into SMAI's needs:

  • Fully responsive design across all pages—from desktop, to tablets and mobile.
  • Strategies to counteract a high bounce rate, as over 50% of browsers were navigating away from the site after a single hit.
  • Cost-effective solution to make e-commerce available (and viable) across tablet and mobile platforms.

At Corporate Interactive, we find the right tools—or we create it from the ground up. Because the SMAI site was so complex with multiple components to make responsive—especially on a tablet—we used a modified version of Bootstrap, the powerful and agile front-end framework.

A large part of SMAI's success lies in the development of new products and partnerships with fitness organisations across the world. Corporate Interactive understood that their online performance had to match the pace of this growth—or it would be left behind in the business-to-business space.

At Corporate Interactive, we have the creativity and skill to tailor the right software infrastructure. We understood that SMAI needed an advanced e-commerce solution, with integrated platforms to make interacting with sites as seamless and painless as possible. When logging on, we had to make it a pleasure for account holders and profitable for the highly respected SMAI brand.

Can we help you with your brand? We provide bespoke software development that punches above its weight—so you come out winning.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Taking a Complex Product Set from B2B to the end user

Taking a Complex Product Set from B2B to the end user

What makes a great business-to-business website?

This is the thought-provoking question we responded to for major client Novis and its high-value MediDirect.com.au site.

This was one of our most intricate and multi-faceted projects to date.

Here at Corporate Interactive we've been working with MediDirect, to engineer a way to integrate their B2B offering across all platforms. This is the part we enjoy - merging technical and creative design, to make a client's vision come to life online.

Where do the challenges lie?

The MediDirect site offers a wide range of clinical and health products, aimed mostly at meeting the needs of the elderly in residential care and for hospitals, two of its major markets.

These products include aids for daily living, mobility and support services. Other categories include bathroom and hygiene products, home improvement products, bedding and other accessories.

With such a complex product set, our first order of business was to streamline this e-commerce enterprise. We needed to simplify the buying process by analyzing the process of choosing a product and aligning the system accordingly.

We also knew that we had to think strategically. So, Corporate Interactive imported MediDirect's product-set directly into WebDirector. WebDirector offers a quick and smooth implementation at a low cost. This eased the hassle of manually importing a highly complex product set with multiple variations.

Lock in the ultimate goal for clients

While we designed an interface specifically for tablet users, MediDirect’s plan is to have the site installed in kiosks, hospitals and other care facilities. This would allow the site to evolve from a B2B portal into a B2C, reaching the end user in a more direct way.

So our next step was to produce a simple process for the aged community to use. We had to make the system unintimidating and an easy-to-use experience, even though the products are often complex.

Wiping the sweat from our brow, we're proud to say we've achieved this. The next step is to integrate the MediDirect data into SAP - so Watch This Space!

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