Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Slyvania Lighting Contracts Corporate Interactive

Slyvania Lighting Contracts Corporate Interactive

Corporate Interactive is pleased to announce it is providing software-development services to Sylvania Lighting Australia, one of the country’s top lighting suppliers. We will revamp Sylvania Lighting Australia’s website and digital platform, overhauling work originally contracted to an offshore web developer.

The website’s original developer, inexperienced in the technologies it was attempting to implement, mishandled the project. Consequently, Sylvania Lighting Australia ended up with unstable Web application software that suffered from unworkable functionality, as well as large amounts of downtime and glitches.

Benefits of Corporate Interactive’s Overhaul for Sylvania Lighting Australia :
  • Improved intra site search that will auto-suggest products
  • Streamlined, intuitive website navigation
  • Easier user-end product-catalog browsing
  • On-the-fly product brochures
Specifically, our overhaul will include the implementation of an Apache Lucene based enterprise smart-search software solution. This search application will use an intelligent predictive algorithm to make product suggestions.

Additionally, we will implement smart-filtering features to simplify navigation of Sylvania Lighting Australia’s website and to allow the lighting supplier’s prospective customers to more easily search its immense product catalog. Plus, our team will create a PDF binder for Sylvania Lighting Australia that will let prospective customers create and print "on-the-fly" product brochures.

Of primary concern to both Corporate Interactive and Sylvania Lighting Australia was Sylvania Lighting Australia’s huge product catalog. Providing easy visitor access to the catalog, which comprises more than 4 million products and additional product variants, stymied the website’s original developer, and consequently, visitors to Sylvania Lighting Australia’s website were previously denied exposure to the myriad design and functionality possibilities Sylvania Lighting Australia offers.

To solve this problem, we’ve had to create a client-specific software system for Sylvania Lighting Australia that caters to the size and technical nature of the catalog. This is in line with Sylvania Lighting Australia’s original motivation for approaching Corporate Interactive, which was a desire to rethink their entire Internet strategy, to move away from print-based marketing materials and to leverage the company’s existing digital assets and increase automation.

We were extremely excited about initiating a relationship and building a partnership with Sylvania Lighting Australia, while helping Sylvania Lighting Australia improve its customer-facing online offerings. With its work on Sylvania Lighting Australia’s project, we not only enhance Sylvania Lighting Australia’s customer experience; but highlight the ability to effectively manage immense amounts of data.

For more information on this project, or to discuss how Corporate Interactive can provide your business with similar solutions, please contact us at 1-300-662-553 or visit our contact us page.


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