Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CI helps 1700 increase employee engagement

CI helps SeventeenHundreds increase employee engagement

Most companies know what's going on in an employee's life, at work and outside the office, when they start at the organisation. While regular performance reviews and an exit interview help Human Resources (HR) practitioners take the work and emotional temperature of a workforce, there is still a gap between HR, direct line managers and the actual employee.

How to bridge that chasm?

Corporate Interactive (CI) has been behind highly-engineered software solutions since 2001 and has helped blue-chip organisations with the integration of technology into tangible business solutions. Recently CI built an online hub for SeventeenHundred's innovative new wellness and HR programme.

The Work & Life Hub provides work-life integration and diversity solutions to support any organisation's employee engagement programmes. The software is further supported by HR Hub, which provides powerful metrics to help implement key strategic HR initiatives.

Diversity simplified

With an organisation made up of people of different genders, ages, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientation, it can be a daunting task to keep everyone happy. Engagement strategies can be a challenge.

Part of CI's brief was to make SeventeenHundred's new online portal as accessible as possible. In fitting with the client's vision of the employee HR platform, the Work&Life Hub had to be holistic and inclusive.

With a fresh design and many interactive elements, the Hub caters to all groups and offers satisfying content and relevant resources—from dealing with the challenges of being a single parent to coping with dementia, from healthy recipes to dealing with stress. All of which is designed to make employees happier, bolster productivity and reduce absenteeism. It also makes each employee feel valued.

Support, Engage

The CI team was excited to be working with such a positive programme, in which technology was used to engage people and deliver results that would make the professional and personal lives of employees better. CI instantly recognised that the platform went beyond ordinary Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), but delivered a solution that helps employees balance external and work commitments in a holistic way.

Revving up HR power

The HR Hub can feed into the information provided by employees, giving the company itself live data and powerful metrics, which can be used to make sound decisions and not overburden HR resources. The truth is that the Work&Life Hub makes employees feel valued, making them feel more engaged and resulting in increased productivity.

Happier Employees, Healthier Bottom Line

Research shows that effective wellness programmes and engagement strategies positively influence the financial performance and stock price. What's more, a central and inclusive programme helps companies meet the legislative and policy requirements set by government.

CI is always keen to work on software solutions that offer clients deep value and the end users a simplified and engaging experience. Part of its success lies in delivering creative, smart and tailored software development and integration that works right from the start.

To create an online strategy that is smooth, smart and fully supported by our team's talent, experience and market insight, make Corporate Interactive your first choice. Contact us today!


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