Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Innovation over invention...

Innovation over invention...

Some of the CI staff recently attended a digital conference with three interesting speakers from Facebook, NBN and WPP.

It was an interesting event but one of the key quotes of the day really struck home with us. The speaker from WPP discussed how hard it is to invent something completely new and that we should be:

innovating instead of trying to invent

This may sound like a strange comment but he went on to give the perfect example:

three of the biggest tech companies (Google, Facebook, Apple) didn't invent the technology they've become so famous for, they innovated.

Google were not first to market with a search engine. Facebook came along years after many other social networking portals. Even Apple, arguably the largest technology company in the world did not invent the mp3 player.

These giants of technology did not invent, however they did innovate, creating something so disruptive in each of their respective markets, that they became the dominant player.


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